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"Intuitive and individualistic, Lynn Hinderaker has an expanded world view and a transformational message.  He has a unique inspirational talent for uplifting others."

If you’ve ever eaten an inexpensive taco or burrito from Taco Bell, speaker Lynn Hinderaker has impacted your life. He co-developed the first Value Menu in the history

of fast food, a billion dollar “disruption.” He is an outspoken champion for change and innovation—which impacts us all. Engage this passionate pioneer!


Dance With the Customer: Serving the Digital Customer

Ballroom dancing provides a useful and entertaining metaphor for advertising, selling and customer service. This presentation is perfect when your conference needs something unique. Live performers are unforgettable!

Turn On the Juice: Guidance and Momentum

This emotional presentation helps audience members understand how their negative emotions are clogging up their “psychic pipeline” to inspired creativity. Ideal for disengaged employees or those struggling with adversity.

Fusion Energy: Connect the Dots for Strategic Success 

Col. John Boyd demonstrates to us how unrelated parts and pieces can be combined and fused to create something valuable and unique. This presentation explains how to foster innovation and gain a competitive edge.


Ascendance: The Rise of the Yellow Brains

Your brain is capable of doing more than analyzing problems. If you tap into one area of your brain (“yellow quadrant”), you can see new opportunities, feel the future and embrace design. Women and entrepreneurs have a special affinity for using the “yellow part” of the brain to think holistically. Become more strategic: think yellow.


“Lynn did his homework… audience members sat up and took notice…”

“Your presentation yesterday
was both timely and inspirational.”

“We end up ready to take on the world after any meeting with you.”

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Can Opener Questions: What Needs to Be Asked...Now! Insurance and wealth management professionals face a transformational future. In order to adapt, we have to ask the right questions. Just as a can opener lifts the lid of a metal container, we must open up to new scenarios/ideas.

Megatrend: Meet the Urbanaturals

In 2003, researcher Richard Florida introduced America to the Cultural Creatives—those young, high tech entrepreneurs that every community seeks to attract. Now those activists and trend setters have “become green.” This presentation unlocks the door to mass acceptance of the sustainability movement based on diverse design.


Innovate to Be Great: Trust the Process

Only 9% of all companies are innovating consciously as you read this, yet innovation is the fastest path to higher margins, competitive leverage and brand vitality. Learn to identify unmet needs and jumpstart new growth.

Vision, Fusion and Passion: The Three-Legged Stool

If you want to take your company to the next level, you must focus on these three qualities. Many top executives struggle to explain where it’s all going and how to innovate to get there. Few employees know how to fuel passion internally and among their colleagues. These rare qualities can stimulate momentum when it’s really needed.

Discover Your Genius: The Power of Your Imagination

You have a genius, your singular strength. It is positive and unique. It can attract energy, intelligence and revenue. What were you born to do? Don’t ignore it. It is what it is, not what you wish it would be. This is breakthrough!

The Value Revolution: Wisdom You Can Chew and Digest Before we all learned about “disruption” through Facebook, Uber and Amazon, we learned about market disruption through Taco Bell’s introduction of the first Value Menu in the late eighties. Insider secrets help you create disruptive value through supply-side leverage, market positioning, and whole-brain messaging.


Change Dynamix: Navigating Today’s Horizontal World

You can’t eat an omelet without breaking a few eggs. But business managers are nervous about initiating change, even when they admit things are changing faster than they can adapt. This powerful presentation explains why habit and subconscious fears prevent us from embracing new ideas. Based on 10 corporate revitalizations.

Camp Destiny: How to Find Your Future

There is a moment early in our lives when we suddenly know what we are supposed to be doing. Many of us ignore that moment, only to suffer in confusion later. In this presentation, Hinderaker describes a seminal moment that prompted him to be a speaker, author and coach. Everyone can identify with and be lifted by this story