Nobel Prize-Winning Insights Make It Easier For Civic Officials to Redesign Downtown, Attract Young Talent

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"Most city planners recognize the need for green spaces and cultural amenities in urban areas. Mr. Hinderaker's "UrbaNaturals" concept seeks to tie this conventional wisdom together with an understanding of the coveted "creative class" demographic while also presenting practical ideas for neighborhood revitalization and community visioning. This futurist lens may help local leaders see how to build cities that appeal to young and mid-career professionals."
Justin Arnold, Ph.D, Economic Development, Charlotte, NC

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Furnishings that bring the outside in or the inside out. This is UrbaNaturalism which attracts UrbaNatural people.
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Why UrbaNatural Buildings Grab Our Attention


What attracts today's high-skill worker is the formation of 'edges' - also known as 'regions of contrast' - where wood and metal meet or where vivid colors and muted colors come together. These segmented divisions of color or texture are easy for our visual system to discern. Neuroscientists say they are 'information-rich;' the edge between opposites invites THE ALLOCATION OF ATTENTION.


If you're an economic developer or chamber official, you are concerned about the 'allocation of attention' when showing a young software developer or network administrator your community's downtown area. That's when high-contrast UrbaNatural buildings on Main Street justify your community's investment in planning, architecture, landscaping, construction, lighting, interior design, water treatments, business recruitment and most importantly, target marketing, events and sustained business training.









The Growth Dynamix team - complete with a branding guru, construction consultant, a YouTube media/PR veteran, an expert in livability, a community relations professional  and a list/data expert - will spearhead your talent attraction/civic revitalization project, coordinating it and - over time - helping you attract high-skill, high wage talent. These young people will choose to live and work in your UrbaNatural™ downtown. Eventually, your community will attract new/outside employers who may choose to hire these people you worked so hard to attract. This is the big picture, the 'growth dynamic' that UrbaNatural™ communities crave.

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