Yes, Your Life Makes Sense! Don't Miss This Presentation This Friday, February 4th, At Ak-Sar-Ben

After two years of confusion, disappointing business results and remote (meaningless) meetings, many workers and business owners are restless and depressed.

NEWbraska's Lynn Hinderaker speaks at Beacon Hills at Askarben Village at 7 AM on Friday, Feb. 4

'Mediocrity' and 'malaise' would be the two words most people would use to describe their careers lately.

Going deeper, many workers (and many unemployed) are questioning the very thrust of their entire lives, believe it or not. Some would describe their business culture as 'toxic' and their job responsibilities as 'meaningless.' Because they don't feel connected to other workers, they no longer feel connected to themselves.

That's a strange thing to say, but our notion of who we really are is often crafted by relationships, a job description and the amount of positive attention received from the boss. In a hybrid, fluid and poorly organized business organization that is losing financial momentum, employees become pessimistic and indifferent. They can drift away from their 'internal anchor.'

"I feel fragmented and unable to concentrate on anything," they often say. "My life no longer makes sense."

Yes, says our speaker, your life DOES make sense and you are able to regain your identity and sense of destiny. This meeting will help.

If you're nodding your head, REGISTER IMMEDIATELY to attend the upcoming Omaha Empowerment Breakfast ( on Friday, February 4. Here's why:

If you’ve ever eaten an inexpensive taco or burrito, this month's Empowerment speaker, Lynn Hinderaker, has impacted your life. He co-created the first Value Menu for Taco Bell in the late 80s. This billion-dollar transformation stands as the 'most dramatic turnaround in the history of fast food' to this very day. Turnarounds are a popular topic these days, but that's not why you must connect with Hinderaker at this very event.

Digging deeper...

Lynn's presentation for Empowerment Breakfast attendees has changed in the last 30 days and even in the last few days. He is focused on making sense of our lives based on his unusual perspective and career. "Yes, Your Life Makes Sense' is created for people who wonder if they're going in the right direction - people who have lost their passion and faith about the next chapter in the 'book' that is their life. People eager for a new paradigm.

Lynn is known as an energetic, mind expanding speaker and innovation expert based on his experience in 43 industries. He is the founder of NEWbraska Network, the owner of Growth Dynamix Consulting and a co-creator with Lee Myers on UrbaNatural America and Civic Growth Advisors.

The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast will take place at Beacon Hills in Aksarben Village at 7 a.m. Visit to register for the event – you don’t want to miss this dynamic speaker!

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