Wrestling With the 'Demon of Grim Prospects'

To enact the work we believe in, to protect the people and places we love, to follow the path we know is ours demands a constant engagement with scary ‘demons.’

Many of us are standing on the shore, gazing out at an ocean of risk, uncertainty and challenge, sunk in self doubt and fear of failure.

We have quite literally forgotten ourselves.

If this feels true for you, you need to be reunited with your own magnificence. You need to push aside the ‘monster of grim prospects’ that tells you that you are not up to this task. You need to ‘launch yourself’ into into the sky of new business possibilities.

To go where you are determined to go, you must engage constantly with scary, unfamiliar ‘demons.’ You must realize that the monster of grim prospects thrives on our vulnerability. Instead of following the ‘holy light’ that is passing right before our eyes, we make vague promises to ourselves to put off our next big step until tomorrow.

The monster of grim prospects makes us forget that we are anything but ordinary; the monster convinces us that an insulated fortress of our own making is safer than the mystery that beckons us beyond the gates.

We beat this monster not with weapons, but by self knowledge. Standing on the shore of the future’s shining immensity, coiled to spring, we take a moment to look within to that part of ourselves that knows exactly what we must do to grasp the delicious fruit of the Nebraska sun.

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