What is 'Newbraska' and Why Is It Important?

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Nebraska has lost its competitive edge insofar as retaining and attracting "high demand, high skill, high wage" talent. The problem began in 2002 and continues to this day despite the efforts of various government non profits and trade associations. Lynn Hinderaker has developed a new approach to attracting talent that focuses on helping the state's companies embrace new strategies for growth, then publicizing every step forward on a new website.

This broad and complex effort has been branded in a proprietary, franchise-building way. By placing one letter - a W - in the first syllable of Nebraska, the state becomes 'Newbraska.' This is an informal, marketing oriented adjustment that suggests "everything is new in Nebraska." When young and mid career professionals are looking for an innovative career environment where fresh thinking is celebrated, Nebraska's companies will predominate.

New is now in Nebraska. Startup-style thinking will drive a growth mindset.

This private sector training and communications business coalition will help companies...

1) reinvent themselves,

2) become respected as strategic innovators, regardless of industry

3) think like a startup, regardless of age

4) attract exceptional talent,

5) and ensure a great future.

Watch this version of WOWBIZ Nebraska, then contact Lynn Hinderaker through the WOWBIZ Growth Dynamix Contact page: https://www.wowbizgrowthdynamix.com/contact

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