Why Is Wow Now?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

WOWBIZ Growth Dynamix Is Inspired By the Great Tom Peters and The Pursuit of Wow.

This post is about generating yeasty responses to these yeasty, and frequently frightening, times. I’ve called it The Power of WOW! based on Tom Peter's book, The Pursuit of WOW and its lasting influence on me and my professional evolution.

“Wow” might sound a bit frizzy. I think not. 

The great Tom Peters, formerly from McKinsey Consulting. Peters is brilliant, prolific and passionate.

I’m repeatedly struck by the parade of “new” cars that look like every other car, by how many opened French restaurants or just-launched mobile apps fail to zap you, by how one Big Six audit service resembles all the others. 

And I’m also struck by how timid most people are in fending off staleness. Then they wonder why they become a statistic in the continuing middle management and senior professional blood bath.

The overall idea here is... WOW: stepping out and standing out (corporations and other organizations) from the growing crowd of lookalikes.

"Lynn HInderaker is a one-of-a-kind individual, a creative maverick. We are lucky to have him" - Mary, graphic designer and musician

Being average has never had much appeal. Better to fail with flair in pursuit of something neat. While I think that’s an idea for the ages, right now it takes on great urgency.

India, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, Malaysia, ‘Thailand, Indonesia—and more—are coming online. They’re chock-a-block with hundreds of millions of talented, well-educated workers—and already producing sophisticated, high-quality goods that are often the equal of the best from the monster U.S., Chinese, and German economies.

To stay on top of this fermenting global brew will require people and companies to paddle like never before; will require personal and corporate WOW. (And the renewal thereof—in perpetuity.)

I encourage you to strip off the blinders (the crazy past is soon going to look like mellow prelude) and move yourself toward bold and daring action. I think work and business can be creative and exciting. A hoot. A growth experience. A journey of lifelong learning and constant surprise.

But such rewards will only be yours if you learn to approach your career and enterprise armed with the confidence that only comes from... ... THE POWER OF WOW! AND THE POWER OF NOW!

Posted 13 minutes ago by Lynn Hinderaker, Entrepreneur of Meaning, consultant, speaker

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