Why Covid-19? And Why Now? A High-Level Interpretation of What Is Really Happening

If we are talking about Covid-19 and I tell you, "Everything is connected at a higher level," you will probably agree. Many of us have experienced at one time or another that one part of us is ready to expand - to open up - to 'move toward a new, expanded vision of business, of self, and of a new way of thinking about our lives.'

This is called a 'kairos moment.' A kairos moment is a fleeting window of opportunity that points to your personal and organizational destiny.

A kairos moment is a new way of being that does not shed the old, but transforms the parts of the old that are not compatible with the new, higher self inside of you that wants to be born. The part of you that wants to 'fly higher' in a very personal, deep way. Your idealized self that stirs inside you every now and then; the you that has all the answers if you would only ask the right questions.


At the same time, we all have a lower self that tries to resist and obstruct the movement toward this higher, expanded part of each of us. Because of this struggle, we experience crisis. If this internal struggle takes place inside most of us at the same time, we may experience a global crisis. The physical part of mankind, our collective immune system, is being compromised by the psycho-spiritual part of us that wants to be reborn.

It's like two hungry wolves wrangling and biting each other deep in the woods with no clear winner. Only it's happening inside each of us.

The less we recognize the meaning of the crisis, the more upheaval it causes, the more frightening it is. The fear attracts yet more problems (as President Franklin D Roosevelt said as we plunged into World War II).

When we can recognize the crisis as an out-picturing of our inner struggle and align with our higher self-intent, then the time of crisis shortens and in fact, that same crisis will transform itself into undreamed-of peace of mind, serenity and sense of freedom.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "If you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself." This kairos moment invites you to begin now and invite a certain type of grace into your life so as to resolve the pandemic crisis that haunts us at an intuitive level.

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