The Spiritual Dimension of Remote Working: What Is Really Going On Inside Employees Working at Home

The more anxious, isolated and time-deprived we are, the more likely we are to turn to paid personal services such as life coaches, family therapists, wedding planners, birthday party entertainers, closet organizers, online dating companies…rent a mom….rent a friend has 190,000 entries online! People want comfort, dates, support…

of life.

To pay for it all, they work multiple jobs and never connect with friends or family. Everything is scheduled. Serendipity is gone.

In this type of outsourcing, they may be allowing themselves to be overly influenced by market dynamics.

Focusing on the destination, we detach ourselves from the small, potentially meaningful aspects of our imperfect experience. By confining our sense of achievement to results, to the moment of purchase, we unwittingly lose: 1) the pleasure of accomplishment, 2) the joy of connecting to others and possibly 3) faith in ourselves.

Fly higher: let’s open our eyes to a much wider understanding of (organizational capacity) (business development and growth).

To me, customer engagement is an expressive art that blends universal emotions with conversations and experiences that are precisely choreographed, measured and tweaked. However, the process is not a science; it must retain a degree of spontaneity, much like a dance between two partners who balance interpretive freedom with rhythmic discipline (“stick with the beat!”) In order to express their mutual potential.

With this definition as a backdrop, brands become a medium through which customers can self-actualize and manifest their creative potential. Through this vision of customer engagement, customers gain a more vivid idea of who they, themselves, are. The basic drive that we all share - to grow, expand and improve - becomes woven into the very fabric of the brand experience at some level.

This theory can be applied to the most mundane companies or low involvement purchase decisions.

I am a catalyst for thought leadership and competitive differentiation. Sometimes, i become a growth medium, turning ideas into events and events into experiences.

As a cultural therapist, i help create a new context in which the fulfillment of each individual assures the fulfillment of each other individual. This simple thought changes everything.

I help you discover the ‘ideal’ psychological pattern to which your team is intimately connected. That pattern is not rigid, but flexible. It changes slightly each time a new member joins your team or for that matter, each time a thought or feeling enters your collective ‘cloud.’ i call that cloud 'framework 2.'

Framework 2 is not a technological cloud, but a “psychological cloud” that creates your organization’s creative dimension of experience. At this level, concrete facts are simply the tangible manifestation of the intangible thoughts and desires that reside and meld together in the cloud of otherworldly consciousness known as framework 2.

This level of your corporate reality is where myth, fantasy and imagination merge and create probabilities and scenarios from which you ultimately choose. This is where brand myth – such as dodge’s reputation for macho-tough performance or Apple’s reputation for unconventional and intelligent design - exists.

Myth-making resembles folk drama, such as the story of lumberjack Paul Bunyon; it evolves naturally every time a senior executive recounts your company’s achievements or the background of key personnel. Myth-making occurs when employees recount a victory over a competitor or a client is honored elaborately. These public comments and the related psychic associations merge to generate a certain type of subconscious organizational energy….an intangible fuel or impetus that all employees feel, but cannot express without inviting ridicule.

In framework 2, thoughts and feelings are more important even than objects are in physical reality. Thoughts instantly form patterns. These patterns are the natural elements in your organization’s psychological environment. Thoughts mix and merge in the halls of the office, in emails and in the minds of the executives who comprise your team.

Framework 2 is a roiling vortex of aspirations and ideals. It is your company’s inner ego that rambunctiously creates possibilities without consideration for time and space. It “hosts” beneficial possibilities outside of the realm of business, such as causes that serve the community or the greater good. It is where all transformation takes place, where limitations are cast aside and expansion is the norm.

Framework 2 is where events are actually created at one level before they are ‘objectified’ at the sensory level. This is where your possibilities exist, but cannot manifest until they have passed through a filter of beliefs, desires and intents.

Framework 2 is the consciousness of your company and, as such, your corporate life force - your chi - your true energy.

The idea is to create a bridge between your everyday, subjective experience and the collective unconsciousness of framework 2. There must be communication between the outer ego - which is your experience that is driven by sensory input - and your inner ego, which actually directs all activities and brings about precise situations in your life.

When you see projects completed and profits achieved, it is the energy from framework 2 manifesting itself. It is a flow of creativity, energy made real.

And you are part of it all no matter how intangible it seems right now.

Keynotes and seminars are available about this and related topics from 'meta coach,' Lynn Hinderaker.

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