The Mini Big Bang Waiting to Happen: A Higher Order of Development for Small Business Owners

by Lynn Hinderaker, Growth Dynamix and

One of the most startling things I have encountered in my journey as a strategic catalyst for my clients is their reluctance to commit to growth.

(Not just external growth, but internal growth as well. That's the 'elephant in the room.')

"Your business has barely grown as fast as the economy; you're barely keeping pace with your industry," I will say. "But I don't see you organizing any new initiatives or conducting research to find out what your customers are missing in their interactions with you or your competitors."

There is always surprised resentment at this point. They assume the problem is outside of them. They act like a student who gets a C-minus because the teacher simply dislikes them.

"We're working as hard as we can, Lynn. We're operating lean. Customers still like our product and service. Employees are fine although they lack passion for their jobs. Cashflow is never as good as we'd like. But what else can a company like us do?"

My job is to transform them from a victim into a victor. The job begins with a stark examination of the boss's belief system, style of operating and mindset.

First, the ego: the ego's job is self-preservation and real change is a threat to its system software. Its presence is a greater threat to your company's survival than competition or healthcare costs. The ego resists any idea that could cause real change, asserting, "I already know this."

Your company's situation is an extension of your thinking style and your conditioned mind. Why? Because the conditioned mind can only create another version of its current condition. Thus, you will never solve your core problems by being the person you've always been.

Long pause.

(At this point, my clients are thinking, "What else is there besides the person I've always been? Are we going down a rathole here? Or am I on the verge of learning something....big?")

As the seconds tick away, I begin to feel the suffering the client is experiencing. He has been beaten down by circumstances. He was thinking, "Maybe I'm not worthy enough to get what I really want and need." He just wants to get out from under the pain. While pushing all the organizational levers and worrying about cash flow, he has lost himself and his feeling of destiny, so important years ago.

I eventually break the silence: "As long as you're coming from a place of fear and a feeling that you don't already have what you need, nothing you do will get you what you want."

I continue: "My conversation with you today is about a new, higher idea that is trying to emerge through old fashioned, cause-and-effect thinking. That idea recognizes the power of spirit, intuition and imagination. These things are very real considerations in business. They go beyond your five senses because, in reality, you are multisensory. By recognizing that fact with reverence, you will learn more rapidly. You will draw upon new sources of guidance. You'll become a conscious leader."

For example, business leaders tend to dwell on "Who are we? How has our history led us to this point?" A conscious leader might ask, "What could we become? What is waiting to emerge from within?"

This question leads my clients to the first step in their higher order growth: See the completed vision. Change the foundational idea. Make the 'room' larger. This goes beyond outer trappings; it requires a surrendering process of sorts...a new openness to what is truly needed. Go beyond your ego's desire to your soul's destiny. Tap into a greater vision of your life and live from that deeper place.

Bottom line: When you create the right inner conditions, the great purpose for which you were born must emerge. This is the big bang of your new existence, not a temporary mini-bang. Not a glitzier version of your current, 'I'm-the-boss' self image.

This is a higher order of spontaneous logic and joyful understanding. This is the path to authentic power that is waiting to be born inside of you, a fresh wave of healing and potential waiting to wash over you and your company culture.

Author Lynn Hinderaker is one of the few business consultants and media personalities that is equally gifted in business strategy and personal transformation. Contact Lynn if you need a dynamic speaker, Zoom trainer, content creator or post pandemic growth catalyst.ynn

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