The Limitless Mindset: A Metaphysical, Yet Pragmatic, Approach to Growing Your Firm

Most business owners are contemplating new expansion strategies and priorities right now. When contemplating the idea of becoming new, it’s helpful to know that as you grow and release the ego’s need for a special identity, you are freer to draw from the knowledge and experience base of all the lives ever lived on earth - all the experiences that souls have in other dimensions and every ‘superposition’ possible in the quantum reality.

This is a mind-boggling assertion that - in the past - would have no place in a serious business discussion. But times have changed. The Covid-quarantine period has given us private time to reflect on our existence and our careers. Employees are looking for more meaning. Many are wondering, "What is the point, really? Statistics suggest I'll never make more money than my parents, anyway." As a result, one-third of all workers are looking for a new job. When things get this bad, we open up to new possibilities, a broader view of life and work, especially if we can tap into a personal strength, aspiration or hobby that we've ignored up to now.

That takes us back to your identity and thus, your creativity; it is truly limitless. What comes back to you after you let go of preconceived assumptions about yourself and your ‘way of doing things’ can be quite miraculous - something you may not even be able to dream of right now.

However, when you least expect it, the fruit releases from the tree and there’s a surprise arising of a great idea, a plan, an opportunity, an instinctive act, a helpful event or person.

This is the shift from ‘fixed mindset’ to ‘growth mindset’ that you hear so much about.

It’s not just a strategic planning concept; it’s an intuitive, 'high-frequency' concept that has deeper roots.


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Author Lynn Hinderaker conducts a seminar entitled Turn on the Juice: An Introduction to Creative Intelligence that may be helpful to you and your business peers. The seminar is based on a pivotal personal experience that Hinderaker had in his kitchen years ago. A sudden burst of creativity propelled him into writing poetry, painting and envisioning a series of new business opportunities nearly simultaneously. The seminar can be catalytic as your company focuses on a confident, new future. It creates openings for new thinking and growth possibilities. Contact Lynn for details: / 402-208-5519

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