The Fifty-Plus! Concept: Fly Higher

Did you know that Michelangelo believed that God had already created everything and his job was only to 'set free' the completed masterpiece imprisoned in the block of stone?

Every attendee at Fifty-Plus! is a divine masterpiece that is hidden in a block of mortal stone.

Michaelangelo knew we were already perfectly formed. Our potential simply needs to be revealed. When that happens, our belief system evolves so as to be congruent with our long-lost vision.

This is the exact opposite of how most of us have been conditioned to live.

My job as coordinator and host of Fifty-Plus! is not to fix or change anyone, but to help people set themselves free.

With continuing economic stress, unemployment and home loss, many of our external structures of security have been taken away. Despite many promising books and seminars, many professionals feel disillusioned. Most people have been looking for an authentic way to stabilize their life and reclaim their freedom.

This is especially true for those of us over 50 years of age. Many of us are still wondering what our true destiny really is. We are wanting to uncover the seed of potential already planted in the soil of our soul. We are looking for a vision that will inspire us when we wake up every morning.

You are already an accomplished businessperson who has learned nearly everything there is to know. However, at these events, you will be given a rare gift: the chance to open up to a deeper wisdom.

You may be given a unique chance to revisit the aspects of your character that have been present since childhood and rediscover the signs of your True Self that have been there since the beginning.

As you attend Fifty-Plus!, you will slowly become aware that a new, higher idea is trying to emerge through old, conditioned thinking. I sometimes use the phrase "Fly Higher."

Make plans to attend Fifty-Plus! at Garden Cafe on September 24 as well as on October 8.

Tickets are $17 each at the door and $18 on Eventbrite.

Tickets for 5 events are value priced and can be purchased for $50, lowering the individual event price to $10 each. Payment for the $50 value price can be made with your credit card via Venmo.

Your meal at Garden Cafe is extra and optional. A few simple choices will be made available for a modest price in the $10-12 range.

Call with questions: 402-208-5519.

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