Proof That We Really Do Create Our Own Reality

About 20 years ago, i had an incredible dream where i was the editor and the reader of a newspaper at the same time. There were two people interacting in this dream and both of them were me. It seemed like a dynamic, but perfectly natural, process.

The dream told me everything I need to know about creativity in the everyday world. Here’s why:

The “me” that was the reader was scanning a newspaper article inside the front page, absorbing the content, reading and mulling over the meaning of the words as would any person who was absorbing a piece of news. When i had nearly finished the first article, the “me” that was the editor/journalist would step into the process and write a new article, word for word, closely positioned near the first article.

It didn’t take long to write the second article. It came out almost as if it were pre-written. I fluidly wrote down the headline and the words in the article with proper formatting. There were few pauses as i composed the article. This editing process was going on while i, the reader, was finishing up the previous article.

To clarify: i was reading and writing different articles simultaneously. Whatever i “needed,” i simply “created.”

When i awoke, it occurred to me that perhaps the purpose of the dream was to remind me that we do, in fact, form our experience and our world. At the very least, we are more in control than we realize. The core idea is that what is happening at the psychic or subconscious level somehow manifests in form – tangible events that are as tangible and specific as a newspaper article.

Another related idea: it’s relatively easy to manifest one’s ideas when there are no distractions. It’s not a stretch.

As Walt Disney once said, “Just imagine it…and poof! It’s there. At some level and in some mysterious way, it becomes a reality.”

This realization, i’m told, comes to many people in the dream state; suddenly they awaken while still in the dream, realizing first of all that they are dreaming, and secondarily, that they are themselves creating the experienced drama.

To understand that you create your own reality requires that same kind of “awakening” from the normal “awake state.”

Apparently, there are two parts to each of us that must cooperate and interact in some kind of “inner dialogue.” As this unfolds, seeds are planted and new “external” events appear that we want and expect to happen.

The author, growth consultant and corporate entrepreneur, Lynn Hinderaker, is available to speak to your team or association group. He excels on Zoom and can energize your organization in a way that will catapult it out of pandemic passivity and confusion. Contact him at or 402-208-5519.

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