Problems or Opportunities? NEWbraska™ Membership Becomes Catalyst to Overcome Pandemic Passivity

(Before reading this essay, please grab a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line. Below the line, write "problems." Above the line, please write "opportunities.")

The leader of a national peer group that provides education to CEOs and business owners once said, "If you focus on solving problems (below the line), you'll never have the energy to identify and pursue opportunities (above the line). Unless you refocus on opportunities, you'll simply restore "normalcy" or get back to a standard operating mode which won't get you where you want to go, long term."

This quote is timely for companies across the state of Nebraska, most of whom are wondering, "What now?" The uncertainty surrounding the consumer quarantine is stifling, yes, but sitting on the sidelines wringing our hands is simply not enough.

This is partially why membership in the NEWbraska™ online initiative is so important. The collective energy of many thoughtful business owners and community activists is a catalyst for new ideas, new emphasis on innovation, new talent, new development, new market segments to serve, new processes and new visions of the future.

Although problem solving can be helpful, it pushes us down - mentally and emotionally - to the level where the problem exists rather than enabling us to move up and out to a "higher frequency," opportunistic view. As our perspective broadens and we evolve as leaders, the resistance that is at the heart of problem solving simply dissolves.

Now is the time to tap into new wisdom and create a new vision, a new plan that is "quantum." Refocus your attention and get after it!

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