'Newbraska' Initiative Approaches Talent Attraction Through 'Intrapreneurial' Training

Respect the past, invent the future.

Why do elite college football players leave states like Florida, California and Texas to come to Nebraska? It’s not the weather or topography, is it? It’s the training environment and high performance standards at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Our training and strategy firm believes the same concept can work in Nebraska’s business sector. Companies like yours can attract superstar recruits if you commit to doing ‘’interesting, fulfilling, new things:’ Exciting, new challenges. Innovation. Expansion into new markets. Involvement with new technology.

“NEW” is what today’s business recruits crave.

That’s why the Newbraska business training and recruiting initiative has been created: to help successful Nebraska-based companies regain their start-up mentality, launch new growth initiatives and attract creative, young professionals to exciting positions in Nebraska.

This project will lift up your operation while grabbing the attention of young professionals who want to ‘do something big...start something new.’

Lynn Hinderaker’s WOWBIZ training team will help you lower risk while raising the bar through strategic innovation leadership. Let’s become ‘new’ again and give the future what it wants!

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