Networking for New Business 'Jewels'

Enter a room that is full of business executives, each participating in the mystery of "conjunction." See the overall grouping as a great web of interconnectedness, much like a vast fishing net connected by fisherman’s knots.

At every intersection in the web, near every knot, hangs a brilliant, multi-faceted jewel; each facet of each jewel reflects all the other jewels in the fishing net. This “reflection of reflections” goes on to infinity.

The true networking opportunity lies not in the jewels or the knots of the exquisite fishing net, but in the reflections. The multifaceted, jeweled reflections represent potential relationships; the reflections bouncing off each other are the constantly shifting connections between background experience, ideas, data, trends, world views, occurrences - and most especially, intentions.

If your business networking seems unproductive or routine, the idea of infinite potential is encouraging.

If you're a businessperson who needs a new strategy or market innovation, this type of associative thinking style makes endless sense. The key is to raise your perspective from the literal to the metaphorical. By looking at a loose collection of strangers in a room as a fishing net that is studded with jeweled reflections - each interconnected again and again - you'll suddenly see opportunities for collaboration of all kinds.

Using symbols like a bejeweled fishing net to empower smart CEOs to see new possibilities that can take a company to the next level...which is the ultimate leadership move.

But who ties the knots in the fishing net? How do the symbolic “jewels” get selected and woven into the fabric of the so-called “fishing net?” What do the jewels represent?

New knowledge that is shared – like reflections that bounce off jewels - is the catalyst for reflective, professional interaction. New insights, research and opinions are what bring strands of the bejeweled net together. Discussion and dialogue are the carefully hung jewels that pull everyone together around shared aspirations and intentions.

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