Minimize Risk By Engaging a Five-Time History-Maker

As a 19 year old, Lynn gave a speech to the Secretary of Agriculture about bringing 4-H into the inner city. This led to a three month pilot program in Des Moines, IA. that he created with Iowa State University that was successful. The program was prototyped and expanded into all 50 states. Forty years later, over 38 million inner city youth had become members of 4-H and passed through the program. Lynn had the vision and worked with Iowa State University to create the operational prototype or ‘franchise.’

12 years later, Lynn became the second person in the US to sell interactive digital media (for Cox Communications); this was 14 years before the Internet. He approached companies in Omaha, Nebraska about advertising to a small group of cable TV test families

In the late eighties, Lynn co-created the very first Value Menu in the history of fast food for Taco Bell’s ad agency. He named it “The 49ers” because all six items on it were reduced to 49 cents each. Sales increased 60% and held. Lynn was transferred to Los Angeles and San Francisco where he choreographed a billion dollar brand revitalization. 30 years later, all quick service restaurants have a Value Menu of some sort. Lynn changed the landscape of fast food.

Eight years later, during the Clinton administration, Lynn handled public relations for the company that owned the patent for V chip filtering for all TVs in America. This technology gave parents the power to filter out TV programming that they felt was objectionable for their children.

In 2017, Lynn became the only business executive who has ever been published in a global magazine that serves the psychotherapeutic industry. The Science of Psychotherapy published a lengthy essay that Lynn wrote about a spiritual revelation he had with his ‘higher self.’ This content reminded the editor of insights uncovered by Milton Erickson, a pioneer in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Lynn Hinderaker and his consulting team can help your firm adjust creatively to the strains of post Covid commerce. Contact him for an initial no-charge dialogue about past and future. 402-208-5519. Meanwhile, enjoy the video, below.

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