Mindset: How to Inspire Yourself Enough to Deal With Demanding Customers and Rebellious Employees

Whether you realize it or not, you have a destiny to fulfill.

Real growth in the lifecycle of a business cannot take place unless the employees in that business grow internally as well. This is difficult to accept; the whole current of our age carries us in other directions. But in truth, this is where the actualization of one’s business potential begins.

The pandemic is slowly coming to an end. We're entering a new, unpredictable chapter.

Now is the time to leave your mark.

You have a big future.

What if you could transform energy into a higher 'vibrational state' within your organization?

Wide doors would begin to open.

Your commitment to a new direction would override every negative force.

You now have the opportunity to set a new standard.

You have deep reservoirs of talent and ability within you.

While competitors are dithering, you can step into your greatness.

You’re not stuck. New resources are coming.

At the right time, the right people will show up.

With a little help, you’re a giant killer.

Yes, there is greatness in you.

Purpose is planted in the essence of your soul.

What you crave is not the discharge of tension, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by you.

How high above the plateau do you want to go?

The goals we pursue are not determined in advance or built into our makeup. They are discovered in the process of enjoying the extension of our skills into novel settings, into new environments.

There you will encounter difficulties; difficulties are a sign that you have enormous potential.

The obstacle is the way.

Project yourself deep into the future and ask: "What will i regret not having done?"

Then use that question as a way of planning your life.

Don't watch your inner turmoil, but turn your gaze to what is waiting for you.

What happens to you is less important than the way you respond to what happens..

Experience the kind of transformation of being (TOB) that comes from doing something greater than you ever thought you were capable of, over and over again.

As an organizational activist, your objective is to increase internal integration and psychological harmony - then go on to increase your functional capacity to serve a larger whole.

Aim past the target! As you execute on your goals, no matter how small they may seem, you will build confidence.

Broaden your sense of what’s possible within your business, within Nebraska and within the minds of your end-users.


Connect with an expansive and exciting vision of what the entire state of Nebraska could become - but only with your help.

As your life and career unfold, keep focusing on three, interrelated life-themes: 1) identity, 2) traction and 3) renewal.

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