The Secret to Remaining Relevant

So much is happening in your industry and in your customer's world. Having a good value proposition is hardly enough anymore. People need to feel as if they are tapped into something special. Here's how to respond....

Few companies realize how irrelevant they are. The pace of change in business, technology and even politics is making your value proposition nearly useless. How so? The broader context within which you are operating is being driven by speed, convenience, economic inequality, the deep desire for meaning in work and life, globalization, a sense of vulnerability and shared experience. All of these either help or hurt your ability to sell products and services.

To leverage the powerful information in your possession, look for trends and link them to your product. The closer your association with a growing trend, the easier it will be to increase margins and recruit good employees. This goes beyond deduction; it is psychological, speculative and multifaceted. If you get it right, your competition will be left in the dust.

Many Baby Boomers and Gen X Execs Worry About Being Out of Step: Those Days Are Over

Are you unsure where to begin? WOWBIZ offers a carefully curated, 345-page document that distills all the trends that are shaping every aspect of your professional and personal lifestyle. Industry after industry - consumer and business trends, statistics, Millennials, economic development, state of mind and much more.

TrendTrax is perfect for marketers, salespeople and CEOs who lack the time to sift through the data that is redefining our turbulent culture and economy. It's available for $99 in pdf format, $149 in print.

Periodic updates are half price.

Do you want to learn how to translate trends into potent emails, phone messages and sales presentations? Are you serious about grabbing the attention of cynica, aloofl prospects? I will help you frame your opening and your closing with on-the-phone coaching so you can confidently make your pitch as powerful as possible. $235 per hour, half hour minimum. Reserve your personal phone coaching today with, Lynn Hinderaker, co-creator of the first Value Menu in the history of fast food for Taco Bell and the author of TrendTrax:

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