Is Your Company Stuck in the Same Movie As Last Year?

By Lynn Hinderaker, Principal of Growth Dynamix Consulting: 402-208-5519

Nebraska football coach Scott Frost said it perfectly after a loss at Illinois that was driven by a safety, two missed extra points, a 13-yard pooch punt, 67 yards of costly penalties and a fumble that was returned for a touchdown.

"It looked like the same movie," said Coach Frost.

Does your company feel like it's stuck in the 'same movie' that was playing before the Covid crisis? So much has changed, it seems, so returning to the same movie as in 2019-20 may put you at a competitive disadvantage.

In many cases, your end users have changed their behavior. Or your suppliers have changed their protocols and pricing. Or your employees have discovered they can get more done by working at home, especially if the kids are in school. The extroverts want to come in, the introverts want to stay out. Plus, they all want more training and career planning.


This complex challenge requires expert consultants and trainers who understand both business development and organizational development. There are coaches and trainers around who can help with one or the other. But there are very few who have a successful track record handling both simultaneously, especially while operating against a backdrop of 'change management.'

Here is what a CEO or business owner should consider to 'shoot a new movie:'

  1. First hand customer research is invaluable because it reveals opportunity.

  2. A willingness to examine a new business model is helpful.

  3. There is usually a huge gap between what employees are thinking and what managers are thinking. It must be closed.

  4. Two things work together to drive positive change: market repositioning and a culture redesigned around higher purpose.

  5. Design matters much more than anyone realizes.

  6. Employee task forces and committees build a sense of self respect and intrapreneurship.

  7. Many problems emanate from 'bad chemistry' between key staffers. A psychological coach can use Myers-Briggs Typing Instrument or the Enneagram to help personnel see themselves and realize that everyone has value.

  8. Learn how to celebrate victories together as well as fostering 'playful/creative' environments.

  9. Budget for innovation. It's the way out.

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