Fusion Is the Future. The Future Is Now.

Mayochup is just the beginning. Well, not the beginning, exactly. In 2002, I noticed a plethora of products at the grocery store using the phrase, "Fuse" or "Fuze" or "Fusion." I asked the store manager to help me count the items on the shelf that used this phrase. Over 30!

The fusion trend continues today, redefining every product in every ecosystem.

Fusion products set a company apart. They are key to innovation. But why is fusion so powerful in the business marketplace as well as within every customer?

Psychologically speaking, we have not developed our reasoning capacity. Currently, our reasoning simply consists of dividing up reality into categories, forming distinctions, focusing on differences, following the ‘laws’ of cause and effect and examining events that are concrete and belong to the past.

On the other hand, our intuitions follow a different kind of organization, one involved with ASSOCIATIONS. They are a form of FUSIONARY psychic organization that unifies diverse elements and brings even known events tighter in a kind of unity that ignores the limitations dictated by cause and effect.

We know instinctively that the components of the physical world can be put together in an infinite number of ways. As we go through this process subconsciously, we experience coincidences and chance encounters. The universe bends in our direction. All this gives us a sense that the universe itself is well disposed toward us.

We emphasize methods of division and categorization so completely that we lose sight of FUSIONARY associative organizations, even though we use them constantly in our most intimate thought processes.

Thus, Maychup!

What industries should examine fusion closely at this point? Technology, to be sure. Construction and architecture. Accounting. Manufacturing and distribution. Automotive (as in hybrid vehicles). Many more.

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