Fifty-Plus! Provides High-Frequency Haven for Executives Who Are Still On the Journey

Attorney Susan Koenig speaks at the first Fifty-Plus! energy-event on Sept 24 at Garden Cafe in Omaha.

Susan Koenig empowers leaders to live their best life. She is a summa cum laude graduate from Drake University. Here, she shares a great idea on WOWBIZ Super Quiz, a business game show conceived and hosted by Lynn Hinderaker, who also hosts Fifty-Plus! Meet Susan and Lynn on September 24 at Garden Cafe.

Sharp, forward-thinking people embrace Fifty-Plus!

Are you dissatisfied with your progress? Do you sense you have been marginalized at your current job or are not being given fair consideration for new opportunities? Are you wondering what you should be doing with your life at this point?

You are not alone. Even more importantly, you have resources, comrades and opportunities that are dynamic and attractive - especially so since they are all over 50 years of age.

(That age-range implies foresight, problem-solving ability and self-knowledge.)

All you have to do is attend a bi-weekly luncheon at Garden Cafe at Rockbrook Village on 108 and West Center in Omaha, Nebraska, on September 24th at 11:30.

This is not a job-placement service or a recruiting meeting. This is a place where we dig a little deeper. We rely on savvy, inspirational speakers who help us reflect on our strengths and uncover genuine opportunities. We catch up on the trends that are shaping our economy, industry and culture. The vibe is interactive, intelligent and "forward."

Most importantly, we regain our personal vision and redefine what 'success' really means.

At this first meeting, attorney and life coach Susan Koenig will share her story of adaptation and compassion. She will collaborate with host Lynn Hinderaker to ensure your time at Garden Cafe on Tuesday, September 24th will be fulfilling, expansive and useful.

Individual tickets are $17 each; you can purchase $10 "value tickets' in five-meeting batches for $50 using the Venmo debit-card payment system if you wish. Sign up for Venmo at After you receive your verification via phone, you can pay host Lynn Hinderaker for five tickets for $50 by simply following instructions on the Venmo site. Easy peasy!

Contact innovation consultant and speaker Lynn Hinderaker about your potential involvement with Fifty-Plus! or other passion projects such as 'Newbraska' and 'UrbaNatural' civic revitalization and social entrepreneurship: 402-208-5519.

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