Small Miracles: Why Your Life Makes Sense on FEBRUARY 4

Updated: Feb 1

Don't miss this unusual message from a national speaker, Lynn Hinderaker

Lynn Hinderaker, Growth Dynamix consultant and founder of NEWbraska Innovation and Community (IC) Network (

You may be a successful business owner or entrepreneur, but are haunted, nevertheless, by doubts about your true purpose, your 'highest self.' What is really possible? After two years of pandemic passivity and fear, you may be asking yourself, "Is this it?" You may be wondering if your skillset is really enough to go to the next level....or if you've peaked - and if so, then what?

You may feel fragmented, torn apart by the tension between work and family. It's as if you have multiple personalities inside, each of them pulling you in a different direction.

On Friday, February 4th, you can pull the pieces together for only $25 at the Empowerment Breakfast in Ak-Sar-Ben. Breakfast included.


6750 Mercy Rd, Omaha, NE

This could be the best event of 2022. All the sadness and confusion of 2020 and 2021 can be put to rest. Despite appearances, your life is not about chaos and randomness. One step naturally leads to the next, no matter how long the time span in between. You are on a path. When you're psychologically aligned with the next thing and the next, they will come to you when you're ready. Doubt lengthens the time; belief shortens it.

My crazy life illustrates this principle - a principle that will foster peace, confidence and inspired, purposeful action. This is not the end, it's the beginning. Again.

Be assured. Here's what others have said about my presentations:

“Lynn Hinderaker has an expanded world view and a transformational message. He has a unique inspirational talent for uplifting others.” - Cathy, Vistage facilitator

"Lynn Hinderaker is a well-known leadership-developer, motivational speaker and business development guru! Lynn is a go-to for providing consultation on business pivoting, finding your SPARK, and changing your business model to fit the needs of our new economy." - Jason, economic developer in San Luis County, Colorado

"Lynn Hinderaker is a perceptive genius who has the ability to comfortably deliver high quality content (both spoken and written). He will leave your mind motivated, and your spirit galvanized." - Rigo, award winning documentary film director

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