Dare to Be Epic: How to Rewire Your Brain

by Lynn Hinderaker, expert on the fusion of organizational and personal growth

We all have psychological baggage that prevents us from owning our greatness. Everyone has baggage--it's the nature of being raised in environments we didn't chose. Everyone's is different, but collectively, most baggage can prevent many of us from accepting and acting on our greatness.

Solution: find some help.

Seeing your baggage can be difficult. You may be one of the lucky ones with baggage that doesn't create any obvious problems. For those that are experiencing challenges, it may be helpful to hire someone to help you dig deeper into your challenges and figure out if some of your habits are really your baggage. If so, there is nothing more rewarding than rewiring your brain so that you can become the person you want to be instead of the person you were made to be.

The bottom line is that we all possess something exceptional within us. I have yet to find any downside to knowing what this is, owning it, and being able to use it to create your dream job or make the world a better place.

Author Lynn HInderaker is available to coach business executives who need assistance dealing with 'the windstorms of life.' Lynn will help you free yourself from the grip of a well-established ego. Over time, you will access the energy needed to change life direction. https://www.growthdynamix.org/contact

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