Community and Meaning in Business: Never More Than Now

As Covid-19 lingers on in Nebraska, business owners are isolated; there is a void created by the absence of any meaningful existence with others. There is a wistful hope that something will raise us up to this moment in time, this same-but-different professional life.

The community which we hunger for we are unable to create or to enter into; in subtle ways, we manage to destroy what we say we want: a structure or system in which in which we can - again - be on a journey. We must build something new that helps us meet and engage in meaningful ways.

Business in Nebraska needs a new sense of community, never more than now.

A final note about community in Nebraska's business sector:

Currently, business and community are fragmented, unaware of the whole. So long as we are concerned only for the little tribe or employee group in which we move and the little group we call ‘our county,’ we are stunted in growth – pygmy men and women with no real understanding of the truths which fundamentally affect our company’s reason-for-being and our ability to innovate.

The hard truth

Real growth in the life-cycle of a business cannot take place unless the owner and leaders of that business grow internally as well. This is difficult to accept for the whole current of our age carries us in other directions.

But in truth, this is where the actualization of one’s potential begins.

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