Combating Mental Illness Post-Pandemic: Embrace Your Subconscious, Businesspeople!

What should you do when you find yourself worrying about your true place in this world during this corona-virus period? What does success really mean, post-pandemic? is this plague a message about our desires and way of operating? Why are people drinking so much more now? Why are there not enough psychotherapists? Is it finally time for me to leave my job and pursue the career I really crave, but don't fully understand?

How to deal with fear, apprehension, restlessness and all the rest?

As a backdrop to this timely question: You have only one mind, but that one mind possesses two distinct functional parts: the conscious and the subconscious. Each has separate powers.

Your subconscious is a garden of rich soil. Your conscious thoughts are the seeds that you are planting in that soil. Your conscious thoughts are implanted in the garden and work in harmony with infinite, divine energy to remove limitations and achieve your goals.

Begin to become a positive force during this viral plague. At this very moment, your core idea must be to go forth with the purpose of blessing or serving the world. It will come back to you magnified and full of blessings. Plant the seed and let your subconscious garden grow beautiful flowers of business collaboration, new strategies and a sense of peace.

Next: repeat this affirmation to yourself in your most private and sincere way. Allow your conscious to speak to your subconscious, giving it clear and consistent direction. Say it with a different emphasis each time you utter it.

"The Infinite Intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true purpose during this pandemic."

As these words whisper off your lips and into your heart, remember: the world within creates the world without. The world within is the only creative power. The Harvard Business Review has said that creativity is the number one quality that is obvious in leaders and other successful professionals. No matter how much technology we use, business achievers rely on clues, hunches, intuitions and the ability to connect the dots to create new strategies.

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