Are You Mediocre? Revisiting Identity, Meaning and Vision

We all begin life as “comprehensivists.” We are interested in everything. The world is vast. The possibilities are everywhere. We are passionate.

As we’re socialized, tested and measured, we become…average. Nothing special. Our passion and self-worthiness dissipate. By then we’ve forgotten what we truly enjoy. Our hearts have turned to stone.

We need to succeed in our own way. Suddenly, we’re accepted, connected, energized and valued!

Passion emerges when you’re the best. You know you are. You love it and do it confidently. No one else can do it like you. It’s a quest. You identify it, you don’t lose sight of it. It’s a calling. See what excites you.

How to craft a vision:

Get unstuck from the bias of projecting current conditions out into the future.

To craft a vision, you have to get away from defining success as moving from deadline to deadline.

A vision requires you to see opportunities on the horizon and bring new answers to these three questions:

Who are you?
Where are you going?
What’s your territory?

Your answers must be elastic and comprehensive.

Your answers must be an update of your mental model of the world.

It’s hard because people value short term productivity over long term strategy and planning.

This is how we move away from mediocrity, how we regain our rhythm.

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