After George Floyd, Can We Ever Heal the Divide?

To eliminate America's polarization, we begin by rethinking our collective identity; it goes beyond politics, race or economic status. In truth, America has two groups of people which can be joined together around one easily-remembered combination word: "UrbaNatural." That is: URBAN + NATURAL.

Urban people and natural (or rural) people have different WORLDVIEWS (based on beliefs which emerged from early conditioning) which can actually complement each other. We are not divided, we are - in the best sense of the word - merely "eclectic."

The conceptual marriage of town and country - as in "UrbaNatural" - is the key to understanding "complementarity." Each worldview is valid, albeit slightly distorted. Each worldview becomes more valuable when blended with its opposite. True balance and judgement come from joining urban worldviews with natural worldviews.

We don't see ourselves as part of one thing. But simply looking at this combination word - UrbaNatural™ - demonstrates how these two opposite words fit together beautifully. This helps us acknowledge that two "psychographic" opposites also fit together beautifully. This is seeing ourselves for who we - ALL of us - really are.

This glance in the mirror deflates otherness and polarization. Yes, we need to look in the mirror and acknowledge the entire, reflective image staring back at us. Yes, we see it all now. We are UrbaNatural America and we are two very different sides of the same coin.

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