40 Million Unemployed Workers Need a Personal Brand That Is Marketable While Clarifying True Values

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

What is the feeling you create inside others?

You're not Oprah, Tony Robbins or Seth Godin, but - if you understood how much is at stake - you could emulate their personal brand strategies for professional and personal growth.

Personal branding is about shaping the perception that others have of you and your level of experience in a particular field, in order to differentiate you from others and achieve greater success in social and professional relationships. But there's even more to it...

You are probably perceived as a commodity, regardless of your certifications or track record. There are so many talented people looking for a job as well. You're mystified when some obscure competitor is chosen over you. How could such a thing happen?! This may throw you into a funk that could create a residue of negativity and make your situation worse.

When you are self aware and operating out of a deep conviction of your identity and purpose on this plane, you increase your 'presence,' your sense of peace. (Most business-people lack presence and are operating based on ego.) You stop operating out of fear and the pursuing or avoiding of external consequences. With a personal brand, you know what your strengths are and can work with a branding professional to showcase them in front of the right people.

Nearly as important, a personal brand opens you up to creativity and new ideas for growth. A personal brand is a runway. It can launch your career and help you fly higher.

Personal branding and self-actualization can blend and merge into one fulfilling chapter of your life - a chapter that never ends. They are your 'vessel' which contains your multidimensional personality. You can pour grace and success out of this vessel onto any professional or competitive surface whenever you want. Start simply:

  1. Identify the things that are valuable and unchangeable about you - the things people notice and quietly mention about you. This is a clue to realizing your core essence.

  2. What comes out of that? What is your truth? What metaphors or symbols convey that truth? What is the 'parade' that you are leading?

  3. What is your feeling-tone? Your vibe? Are you serious, righteous or jovial and informal? How does that color everything you see and do and think about yourself? (Many professionals do not know what kind of vibes they emit or how they come across! Sometimes, their attitude is, "I won't change anyway, so what difference does it make?") These professionals are afraid of being open for fear others will see something negative. They compensate by being pretentious or high handed.

  4. How is that core identity and feeling tone unique from all others in your industry? Again, many business professionals know little about their competition. They don't analyze their competitors' personal brand so it becomes hard to differentiate and stand apart. When the prospect is preparing to make a choice, standing apart is THE KEY.

  5. Now think about how that translates into a dialogue with a customer or influencer. What is your positive value? This is a subjective perception that varies by personality type, so this requires reflection (not a worry session). A psychologically-oriented outsider can help here.

  6. How does all this analysis and intuitive work meld into a value proposition? This is what you will mention on the phone the first 30 seconds. When you grasp this, you are consciously evoking the feeling you create inside others.

  7. The next step is a plan that actualizes the potential that lies within your personal brand and its value proposition. It may have to do with color or a slogan or an affiliation with a group or philosophy. It may have to do with the kinds of people you hang out with. The key is idea is to find a way to publicize your identity and promise of value and develop experiences or social proof that others will share and endorse.

Consultant Lynn Hinderaker is an expert in branding, personality typing and cognitive psychology. he is available for coaching and guidance at 402-208-5519.

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