Why a Consultant?

You have no time. You have too many problems. If you attack the problems, you will lose all your energy and have nothing left with which to pursue opportunity.

Besides, your perspective is colored and conditioned. You can't see what you don't want to see anyway.

Big problem.

Bring in a consultant. Not just a contract laborer who is hustling on the side. A real consultant who has failed and succeeded a hundred times.

Use him/her to broaden your perspective, rethink everything and expand your influence. The best reasons are listed below.

1. Gain special expertise;

2. Identify problems;

3. Supplement the staff;

4. Catalyst for change;

5. Provide an objective viewpoint;

6. Teach/coach problem employees;

7. Do the dirty work;

8. Inject new life into the organization;

9. Expand; create a new division;

10. Influence others, raise your profile;

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