Do You Know How to Reinvent Your Future? Where to Begin?

Something happened in 1997 that changed Lynn Hinderaker’s life and the life of his friends and clients. Lynn decided to set up five folders on his computer. They’re more than folders; they’re more like collections. Repositories.

They are titled Trendtrax, Psychspirit, Wordz, SpeechBlurbs and finally, Business Strategy.

For over 20 years, Hinderaker has curated particularly interesting data-points, sound bites, core concepts, ideas and summaries in each of these folders and files. He simply distills every interesting thing he’s ever read, from philosophy to leadership to digital transformation to poetry.

When he needs inspiration, direction or ammunition, he dives into these documents. He quickly finds something that is relevant for a client or prospect, then connects it to something else that is also relevant. Then something else. Soon, he has the makings of a slim book that could be shared with clients when they ask the magic question:

“We need a new strategy for (fill in the blank). Got any ideas?”

When you ask Lynn Hinderaker a question like that, it’s like standing next to a fire hydrant the second the water is turned on, gushing out onto the street, flooding the entire planet...

The best part is the ideas that spill out of Hinderaker’s brain are good....real good. They’ve been burnished by his curiosity, his 30-plus years of experience and his powerful visualization skills. He doesn’t just calculate the likelihood of success. He sees it!

His tenacious note-taking and ability to play with scenarios gives you choices. Some of them will give you the edge in your local industry niche. Some could (gulp) change the world.

Here’s the question I finally asked this innovator and champion: “What have you learned about people?”

His answer was swift: “They look inside rather than outside. They look to the past, not to the future. Because of these two factors, we miscalculate and miss the target...if we even see the target. Most of us don’t know the target even exists.”

I had to press forward on this provocative answer. “What does that really mean, Lynn?”

“It means the future can’t be redefined,” he said. “We just relive the past, again and again. The past wears slightly different clothes, walks and talks differently, but it’s the same person pretending to be the future.”

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