Super Response to Super Quiz

On July 24th, 2018, a paradigm shift unfolded. It's being repeated again on August 7th, 2018, at the same community TV station, KPAO, on 4725 F Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

Everyone loves games. Everyone loves game shows on TV. So why not use a game show format to discuss business? It makes perfect sense, but no one has actually done it...until now.

Let's call it WOWBIZ Super Quiz.

A professional host and business expert. Three contestants. Questions. A judge. An audience. A gorgeous backdrop from Curzon Promotional Graphics in Omaha, Nebraska. A large newsdesk. Three cameras. Applause.

All the pieces were there for a true-blue experience, the real deal.

But it's not enough. Host Lynn Hinderaker felt more was needed. Relationship building, for instance. So an "experiential networking" component was added.

Everybody introduce yourselves. No, introduce the REAL you.

Open up, make friends, reveal yourself, then sell your service.

Hinderaker furrowed his brow. Excellent, but still not enough.

What if we impacted the entire state by interviewing business owners and senior executives? We could discuss industry trends, insights and ways to improve the regional ecosystem.

We could "drop smartbombs."

Now we have THREE concepts squeezed into one high-frequency evening that will educate, entertain, explain and introduce.

What should we charge for all this knowledge, organization, multiplatform distribution, excitement and applause?

Let's be radical. Revolutionary. Let's make it free. FREE!

Still not enough.

So let's add food, yes, glorious, wonderful food. Energy. Fuel.


See you Tuesday the 7th. Tickets, below. FREE.

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