Introducing Experiential a TV Studio!

How long can you stand around and chat with a drink in your hand?

"So...what do you do?"

Ho hum. It's so yesterday.

Here's a super-charged, hyper-creative, laugh-and-learn alternative....

Are you ready....?

Come to a cable TV production studio in midtown Omaha.....

(Sounds exciting already, correct?)

Be escorted into a genuine TV studio with contestants and a professional host.

(Ok...this is the real deal....)

Music up. Applaud....APPLAUD!!!!

There he is. The guy who developed the first Value Menu for Taco Bell some thirty years ago. Wow....he seems very....INTO it.

"So, here's our sponsor, the team from Curzon Promotional Graphics right here in Omaha, Nebraska....look at their beautiful set!"

Lynn Hinderaker plunges into one business-oriented question after another, challenging and coaxing his contestants for substantive answers to fairly challenging questions.

Suddenly, the action changes.

The Backline Comedy Theatre troupe steps into the main area of the studio in front of the news desk.

Hilarity ensues. Somehow the thrust of their act has to do with selling, which is what the contestants were discussing just prior to the act.

It all fits in.

The show wraps up with more music and applause; everyone shuffles, chuckling, into the front lobby and conference room for snacks.

The host introduces a couple facilitators who then plunge into the ideas discussed on the set of Super Quiz....

"Which of those questions tripped you up? What were you hoping to hear? Why do you say that?"

Everyone was pretty relaxed by now, so the dialogue sped right along. No hesitation, no small talk....plenty of meat to put on the crackers.

It was like jumping into a warm hot tub that was already full of smiling, happy people.

Soon, we were whisked back into the studio for another taping of a different show. The set had been switched out. WOWBIZ Nebraska.

This was just like watching CNN or Meet the Press minus the politics. After two trend interviews ("I didn't know that...or that! Hmmm") with executives, Hinderaker launched into a seven minute rant about creativity and business transformation. He meant every word.

We drifted out into the parking lot shaking our heads with faint smiles.

"Well.....this exceeded my expectations," my new acquaintance said.

I nodded enthusiastically.

"I'll call you tomorrow to schedule a lunch, OK?" he said.

"That would be super," I said as I glanced down at the Super Quiz flyer.

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