Twenty Years of Tips: "Jumpstart" Now Available

Back in 1997, I decided I would record and distill every piece of business journalism I discovered about company turnarounds, transformations and revitalizations. When someone asked, "Got any ideas about how we can bump up sales?" I would be able to share this ever-growing document.

I called it "Jumpstart."


Recording these ideas was a grueling process. Every week, I compiled insider tips, analyses and profiles from Wall St Journal, Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Ad Age and many others.

It became a ritual for me that gave me a sense of power and confidence. I could review what other leaders have done and do something similar without wasting a minute.

Today, in 2017, I am sharing Jumpstart with the world. FREE.

This 22-age, quick-skim document includes a series of mini-case-studies, innovations, strategies, tactics and most importantly, successes and failures.

Best of all, you'll be able to find the precise action steps that matter most. They're highlighted in yellow: the exact tactics that drove success or failure are right there for you to pull out and apply.

NOTE: If you call my line directly, I will work with you for 20 minutes to discuss which case studies apply precisely to your business challenge. This helps you quickly identify your best course of action.


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