Wow Factor Seminar Set for July 27

It seems there are two kinds of people in the business world:

Those who shrug off the importance of a Wow Factor and over-rely on "steady" performance and service delivery.

Those who think their product already has Wow features, but are actually out of sync with the customers' private perceptions.

As a researcher who spends 30 to 40 minutes in private dialogues with my clients' customers asking TOUGH questions,  I assure you that both of these types of companies are in danger!

New competitors and the Internet's overall pressure on margins is creating a challenging future for them.

I know many of these companies' CEOs; they're panicking or closing down internally.

Some play the blame game; some lash out at mid-level managers.

Their thinking process is as confused as the image, below.

It's not too late to address this situation. Simply click the link and bring your management team to the WOW FACTOR SEMINAR. 

Learn more about the profound power of the wow factor July 27 at 1502 So 10th, Omaha, $20/$30 

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