Brazenly Intimate: Hinderaker Shares All

On June 8, I made a move into my past and my future simultaneously. I had been told that "everyone should try something once a week that makes them uncomfortable." I decided that I would "perform" in a public presentation that showcased the most memorable moments of my life...even those moments that were not necessarily flattering.

I have lived an extraordinary life, I admit. I made choices that put me in very tough circumstances. I had to live in my office and then in my car while working in Iowa's Quad Cities, cleaning up inside gas station rest rooms. I travelled from Omaha to San Antonio and was there when massive, historic snowflakes fell on the tongue of millions of Hispanics who ran in the streets with wonder and awe.

I enjoyed transcendent moments that would make Oprah weep. I was in the stands at the 1988 World Series when an injured Kirk Gibson hit a pitch from Dennis Eckersley out of the ball park and the entire world went crazy. But that's nothing compared to the joy of successfully adopting two children after losing baby after baby after baby to stillbirths and wrenching setbacks in the world of California adoptions.

I pushed myself to the edge and it wasn't always pretty. But I stepped into the batter's box and swung the bat hard, always aiming for insight, over-the-top excellence and that elusive epiphany, that creative realization, that mysterious sense that there is more to all this than what I can see, touch, hear, feel and taste.

I shared all this and much, much more with 18 people at RL Hotel's Living Stage. They responded with a standing ovation! It couldn't have been any more fulfilling if it were 18,000 people.

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