Improved the lives of 40 million urban youth through a collaboration with the Secretary of Agriculture and Iowa State University that expanded across the entire USA.

Was the second person in America to sell interactive advertising media (for Cox Communications).

Co-created the very first Value Menu in the history of fast food for Taco Bell's ad agency, the "most dramatic turnaround in the history of fast food."

Designed the 'most innovative single-booth display in the world,' an award bestowed on Hinderaker by Nomadic, an exhibit manufacturer with global distribution.

Was the only business executive ever to write a lengthy article for The Science of Psychotherapy, published in Australia and serving neuro-psychotherapists around the world.

Conducted video interviews with Nebraska's top entrepreneurs that were so popular, the interviews attracted more viewers than comparable programming from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Wharton Business School. 

Currently co-creating a statewide business community and collaboration platform that attracts high skill talent, and drives awareness  by showcasing innovation and cultural NEWNESS. Inspired by Eric Ries' Lean Start-Up.


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Lynn Hinderaker, Entrepreneur of meaning

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Technology of the Heart

This essay, authored by management consultant Lynn Hinderaker, gives business owners a new way to think about attracting workers and building a distinctive culture that is so effective and efficient, customers prefer the company over competitors.

In the early 1900s, Frederick Taylor developed a concept entitled "scientific management" as a way to improve efficiency and employee productivity. His ability to break down every task on the production line into small, precisely measured steps redefined manufacturing, logistics and business process management. but it left workers feeling empty inside, as if they were mere cogs.

A century later, Lynn Hinderaker noticed that many of the employees of his clients were barely working at their desks. Many were playing computer games. He privately visited with them and coaxed them to be candid about their problems at the office. To a person, they confessed they felt "useless" and wished they could have a more "meaningful" career...and life. They used phrases like "no passion."
In the mid-nineties, the Gallup organization called this phenomenon "presenteeism." It applied to around 67% of all employees; it saps financial growth and blocks innovation 'stone-cold.'

Hinderaker, a long-time student of philosophy, world religions and personal development, began following the work of Dr. Robert Kegan, a developmental psychologist at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, around 2002. Dr. Kegan demonstrated that the personal growth of employees and managers had a direct impact on corporate financial performance. Words like "authenticity," "mindfulness,""emotional intelligence" and "flow" began creeping into HR departments.

Kegan's book, An Everyone Culture (2016), was the culmination of this theory. Chart after chart clarified the importance of "creating meaning" as a way to nurture employees and stimulate new sales growth.

Hinderaker was so inspired by these ideas that he blended them with other concepts and created a seven- sided system for employee engagement called Human / Edge. The overarching idea was awakening to our true purpose within the context of an ethical organization that embraces "higher purpose."

Meanwhile, organizations like Zappos demonstrated that personal qualities like joy, creativity, humor and "being oneself" were attractive to customers. Again, Hinderaker was watching closely, weaving these cultural insights into his business consulting and speaking. 

Clients were thrilled! This was a truly promising idea.

If you want more enthusiasm in your workforce - more innovation, ethical behavior and commitment - bring Growth Dynamix into your organization and empower Lynn to bring out the best in your company by bringing out the best in your employees.

But that's not all. Your customer development will improve steadily when Lynn helps you explain and demonstrate the real meaning of your brand. The influence of a meaningful brand has long lasting, exponential impact. Meaning is so important in this uncivil, here-and-gone society, you can build something better and longer-lasting on top of it.

Meaning is even more important than technology. That's a big statement. In a way, meaning is the technology of the heart! That's something that few of your competitors understand.