If you want to lead, you must speak publicly and often. Your mission is to turn darkness into light.


“Killit Koaching” Helps Managers and Reps Win Big


              any sales managers and               business owners think                 they are reasonably                     good public speakers. But the bar has been raised. TED Talks remind us that there is a big difference between an average speaker and one who has been coached vigorously before speaking in front of a demanding audience.

         Lynn Hinderaker’s coaching can give you a critical competitive edge when prospecting for clients. He began his speaking career in 1970 when he convinced then-Secretary of Agriculture

Clifford Hardin to invest in the development of the first urban 4-H program in history. Today, there are 4.5 million urban youth in 4-H!            

        Since then, he has appeared in dozens of TV ads, hosted three TV and radio shows, interviewed 300 executives on YouTube and launched an infomercial business for B-to-B entrepreneurs.

         Best of all, Hinderaker is an inspiring instructor. Use him to help you motivate customers and educate your employees. With his help, you’ll “kill it!”

“Your presentation was killer! Congrats!”

• Maximize networking

• Optimize a trade show

• Make a web video

• Impress big clients

• Inspire employees

• Introduce new products

• Explain trends/research

• Close a tight sale

• “Vivify” your brand

The secret to Hinderaker’s effectiveness:

The easiest way to learn something new is to have a “model” - something you can imitate. Without a trainer who can “act out” a specific segment of your presentation, you could waste hours. How to raise your voice or change bodily posture just the right way? Hinderaker acts it out naturally right then and there so you can “get it,” then make it your own. It’s fast and fun!

Make your big pitch

with Lynn

Hinderaker’s help:



“One of the roles of a leader is the

ability to speak comfortably in front of a group. This comes with

practice, good content and a helpful coach. Volano engaged Lynn to help our leadership group with these 3 tasks. Lynn did a great job of helping craft a message. He also

gave examples of how we might deliver the content with impact so that it would connect with our audience. His recommendations were insightful, tactful and all-around helpful.”

- Rod, Volano Solutions