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November 23, 2016: Big Solar Idea Could Revitalize Small Town Nebraska                         Few people know that 98% of Nebraskans’ monthly energy payments go to out-of-state processors of coal and oil. It’s a startling statistic that has helped Michael Shonka hatch a compelling sales pitch for small town city administrators across Nebraska: “Keep your money in your local community and watch it multiply exponentially. Simply convert a large portion of your municipal energy system to solar panels as Central City has done successfully with the help of Solar Heat & Electric in Omaha, Nebraska.”

           Lynn Hinderaker and WOWBIZ Growth Dynamix have been sharing this visionary idea with city administrators, economic developers, Chamber officials and other community leaders across the state with great success. It’s being very well received because small towns are very sensitive to expenses.              

           Solar Heat and Electric is a consulting client of Lynn Hinderaker and WOWBIZ Growth Dynamix, which is a division of PointForward, LLC.

November 1, 2016: Nation’s Restaurant News Revives Value Challenge              Nearly 30 years after Lynn Hinderaker helped Taco Bell franchisee Ron Bellamy hatch the very first Value Menu in the history of fast food, a trade magazine is talking about value yet again in a major way. Nation’s Restaurant News is devoting the entire front page of its monthly publication to the fact that consumers have fewer discretionary funds to spend on eating out. Value is clearly today’s hot topic.

          Hinderaker is currently reaching out to many state restaurant associations to offer his consulting help on creating additional value from a product development, service or technology perspective. His presentation, The Value Revolution, is a favorite of business groups who want to know the inside scoop on how the original Value Menu was actually developed at Taco Bell in the late eighties. Hint: beans are cheaper than hamburger.


October 12, 2016 Navy Seal Trainer: Hinderaker “Hitting It From Every Side of the Plate”

         Much of the time, Lynn Hinderaker’s colleagues encourage him to focus on one industry or one professional niche. But former Omaha fitness trainer John Christie recently told Hinderaker that the others were wrong and he should continue on his professional path as a “multi-potentialite.”              

          “Lynn, you’re hitting the ball from both sides of the plate. That’s great!” said Christie, now a trainer to Navy Seals at a military base in Florida. “Keep on doing your thing as only you can!”

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