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He generated a billion dollars in new sales in a $55 billion dollar industry. He can help your sales team attract new sales prospects in a three minute video. Meet Lynn Hinderaker.



Open more doors by using a world class spokesperson on video.

Polished and persuasive.

It's not an informercial.

It's a


Power PreSell.

Your buyers are going around you. 67% of all sales decisions are made before your salesperson even knows about the selling opportunity.  You must be able to get in front of the prospect easily before you are excluded from the whole buying process. The answer is simple: Humanize your brand. Put a face on your company that helps you stand out. Use a spokesman who will use just the right words to get you the all important first interview. All you need is an email address and a new way to stage' your first sales appointment.


Truth With Traction:

Use a Video Influencer to Set Prospect Appointments




Lynn can represent nearly anyone because he has worked in a broad range of speaking/selling situations.  This fast paced video illustrates his versatility at creating a power message.

Lynn is so persuasive that entire industries ask him to promote their association events and conferences. Lynn created this video without any practice whatsoever. Leverage his talent!

An entertaining and instructive POWER PRESELL opens new doors.

You can benefit by working with Lynn because he knows how to stimulate a movement that leads back to your product. He weaves big picture principles into your product's features.

This is a classic three minute LYNNFOMERCIAL because it is newsy, it clarifies the problem your product solves and it grows increasingly brand oriented near the end. A successful formula.

Increase sales despite the pandemic

No more worries about credibility

Book appointments with fewer calls

"May I send you a three minute educational summary of your situation? It will save you time."

Easy prospecting via phone/email:

It's Easy to Grab a Sales Prospect From a Competitor

How is it that professional presenter Lynn Hinderaker can open doors and make it easy for sales people to get in front of new prospects with a simple, three-minute video?

1. Lynn's confidence and insight into the problem create trust. 
2.Lynn began writing sales copy decades ago, so he can be persuasive.
3. Lynn has represented dozens of advertisers on TV and radio. His message is powerful and impeccable.
4. Lynn's demeanor and executive presence raises expectations. 
5. Lynn uses metaphors and stories to weave his way into the hearts of your viewer-prospects.


Power PreSell logo 1.PNG