The former editor of Vanity Fair has hit upon the next big trend in event management: interview business authorities in front of a crowd, then choreograph a rapid mixer among audience members. Stimulate spontaneous discussions about the most controversial points that emerged in the interview. Find a new seat, begin again. Video record everything.

Participative Infotainment

It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s the future!


        f you are an association official,         event manager or trade show           organizer, you are being                   challenged to do something different at your next event or conference. When you see attendees using their smartphones during the program, you know you must find a new way to

intelligent interview format that helps your audience form new relationships around insights, advice and new perspectives. Host Lynn Hinderaker interviews five of your members or industry authorities, then empowers the audience to get involved. It’s fast and fun!


WOWBIZ Social Dynamix is a fast-paced,

“Why would I want to sit and listen to one speaker for an hour when I can listen to five or six speakers and actually move around to discuss the key points? There is no individual speaker anywhere than can be as engaging as the multiple guests that Lynn Hinderaker interviews in one hour!”

Exciting TV show feeling Interviewees from within your ranks control budget

National quality CNN-style talk show host is engaging

Audience interacts rapidly around interview content


Who recruits the interviewees?

Host Lynn Hinderaker confers with the client organization, clarifies the theme and contacts the guests directly. 90% of them are flattered to be included in the program.


What do attendees say about the Social Dynamix format?

They are pleasantly surprised. It breaks down walls between individuals and groups. It also celebrates the wisdom of regular people.

Who are typical users of Social Dynamix?

Chambers of Commerce and economic development groups appreciate the populist, homegrown nature of the guests. Trade show organizers like this format because it keeps passers-by engaged with the exhibitors. Conference coordinators like using the interviews with attendees after the primary program is complete.

Kick things up. Tear silos down.