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Our principal co-created the first Value Menu in the history of fast food for Taco Bell's ad agency. This was the most dramatic turnaround in the history of fast food. Involved national and local advertising, merchandising and extensive franchise communications.

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This civil engineering firm enjoyed sustainable growth after we helped them become the 'orange' engineers. This involved research, strategic planning, leadership development, green market development, office design and web/marketing collateral.

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Buland Construction hired us to find an identity and implement a lead generation campaign. We conducted research, then created 'The Vision of Precision.' This added a professional persona that attracted clients at trade shows and related events.


Geotechnical engineering firms dig in the dirt and analyze what they find; they are not exactly image-oriented. But their emphasis on 'high quality work' is usually not unique enough to separate them from the competitive pack. As a result, they have to compete on price. Our firm showcased the layers of dirt and implied that this firm was also selling knowledge and scientific insight. This high-end, creative approach made this brand special.

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Many successful companies find innovation and growth elusive. NEWbraska provides new marketing tools, training and new relationships across the entire state.

This highly respected family firm suffered from internal malaise and a leadership style that wasn't working. Our firm's principal was brought in to help employees understand how to create value and communicate effectively. Committees and task forces came together to share ideas and inject dynamism into the firm's culture. The changes created a powerhouse.

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Nobody expects engineering firms to be creative. But our engineering client always offered several ideas about how to construct buildings safely on top of shifting dirt, gravel and sand. Their science revealed possibilities. We showcased this competency by developing a four step process for solving problems; each step began with an I, D, E or A.