Generating New Revenue

Nothing overcomes pandemic malaise like a new marketing and sales strategy. But there are so many choices. Multichannel - social, email, podcasting and video. Get help as you ramp up.

"Your presentation was entertaining and mind-expanding. We need that now because we tend to keep on doing the same old things."

Veteran real estate person, NP Dodge

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The fascinating story of Col. John Boyd and seeing patterns will help you uncover new sales opportunities.

Engage With Employees

Today's employee is looking for participation, flexibility and most of all, purpose. Employers struggle to authentically create meaning and passion about their culture. Clarify your values and your internal brand. Get help from professionals.

"Lynn Hinderaker is a go-to for providing consultation on business pivoting, finding your SPARK, and changing your business model to fit the needs of our new economy." - Jason Medina, ED, So. Colorado

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Retain and Attract Young Professionals to Your Community

50 million knowledge workers are looking for 'interesting, challenging' work as well as lifestyle environments that feature eclectic design and foster good vibes. You can attract them if you are serious about your future without them. You may need help with design and marketing.

"Lynn, I appreciate your expertise and undaunting passion around making Nebraska amazing!" 

 -Dawn Nizzi, CAPS Program Director

 "Lynn, it's evident that you are meeting a great need in our communities by inspiring innovation and progress.


The NEWbraska Reframe essay is very thoughtful and right on target for where we need to go and what we need to do as a state."

- Senator Jim Smith, Blueprint Nebraska

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Lynn Hinderaker dons a leather motorcycle jacket to symbolize the need to ask 'tough questions' about budgeting for marketing efforts in this post pandemic era. How much to spend on educative media?

Differentiate Your Community: Branding and Placemaking

Community leaders are often stunned to discover that their community is very similar to dozens of communities in the region. How to stand out in a meaningful way? Differentiate or die! Start with a new vision..


"Despite divisive issues in our community, you were able to hold everyone’s attention to focusing on the future, helping us work on development of our strategic plan.


The one hour and forty-minute meeting seemed like fifteen minutes. We look forward to hearing your vision of our community's future. We're still hearing good comments about the meeting."

- Elmer Armstrong, Scribner, Ne

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Climb inside the mind of a nationally recognized creative guru. A clever brand is key to Nebraska's communities. William Prentice told us that you must say something nobody else can say. Watch!