Find Your Spark! The Perfect Presentation For 2022 Renewal

"Your presentation was entertaining and mind-expanding. We need that now because we tend to keep on doing the same old things."

Veteran real estate person, NP Dodge

Break Out of Your Box: Learn to Innovate

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The fascinating story of Col. John Boyd will help you uncover new sales opportunities by recognizing patterns others miss.

Revitalize Employees, Connect the Dots, Find Your Flow and Create a New Model for Success

"Lynn Hinderaker will help you change your business model to fit the needs of our new economy." - Jason Medina, ED, So. Colorado

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Engage Lynn to train your managers how to inspire employees who are high potential, but dispirited. Higher purpose, management training and career development are the keys. 

New Urbanism: Civic Leaders Crave More Citizens, But Aren't Sure What Young Workers Really Want from Communities and Employers


 "Lynn, it's evident that you are meeting a great need in our communities by inspiring innovation and progress. The NEWbraska Reframe essay (Omaha World Herald) is very thoughtful and right on target for where we need to go and what we need to do as a state."


- Jim Smith, Senator and Director, Blueprint Nebraska

 - Jason Medina, ED, So. Colorado

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Lynn Hinderaker dons a leather motorcycle jacket to symbolize the need to ask 'tough questions' about community development. Hinderaker understands the needs of 50 million young knowledge workers who have unique priorities, values and preferences about where to live and work. This group - called UrbaNaturals - prefers eclectic design.

Bring Citizens Together: Ignite a Vision That Attracts New Worker-Citizens


"Despite divisive issues in our community, you were able to hold everyone’s attention to focusing on the future, helping us work on development of our strategic plan.


The one hour and forty-minute meeting seemed like fifteen minutes.We're still hearing good comments about the meeting."

- Elmer Armstrong, Scribner, Ne

Send us the latest civic development trends as you see them
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Civic officials and economic developers: Learn about researcher William Prentice, who proved that you must 'say something nobody else can say.' This is harder than you might imagine. Lynn Hinderaker can help you create a civic brand that leverages this scientific principle. Watch the video!